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Ancients Period

This period covers warfare from biblical times through the medieval period to the end of the 15th century. From chariots through to the fully armoured knight.

Glasgow and District have had, like many other clubs worldwide, a long involvement with Wargame Research Group Products, to the extent that games with their ancient rules, with the possible exception of Ancients VII Edition, have consistently been in the majority on any given club meeting. Since the early 1970s, there has been an annual  Ancients Competition for which a coveted shield is awarded. Indeed, in earlier DBM days, there was at one point a separate competition and shield for each Army List Book, although things are much calmer now.

Field of Glory has taken over from DBM as the rules of choice. Almost half of the Society will be taking part in the FoG competition, which is played exclusively in 15mm scale. The Society has had several players who regularly took part in UK Competitions

Playing regularly with FoG Rules, however, do not prevent Society members from playing Ancients with other rules sets. Visitors will see a growing number of Warhammer Ancient Battles (WAB) being played with 25mm figures breathing new life into 25mm Wargaming, utilising armies which otherwise had been gathering dust in forgotten corners. The society's demonstration game at the 2004 Glasgow Show, The Real Dracula, used WAB. Plus see our 2005 Glasgow demo Dyrrachion 1081 and at Claymore 2005 Vaslui 1475. The club now has a WAB competition.

 Whatever the rules, whatever the scale, Ancient Wargaming is the heart of Glasgow And District Wargaming Society.

Here are some pictures showing some highly detailed soldiers, horses and scenery taken at the Society.


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