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Display Games

GDWS plays its part in promoting the hobby by supporting wargames shows and putting on display games. These attempt to showcase the best features of the hobby with well researched and visually attractive displays.

In recent years the society display team has focussed on Warhammer Ancient Battles using 28mm figures and 18th and 19th Century battles using our own adaptation of WECW and PoW rules.

The current cycle started at Glasgow Wappinshaw 2004 show with The Real Dracula based on Vlad the Impaler against the Ottoman Empire.

At the Wappinshaw 2005 show the game was Dyrrachion 1081, Normans invading the Byzantine Empire.

Later in the year at Edinburgh's Claymore 2005 show the game was Vaslui 1475, Moldavians resisting the Byzantine Empire.


For the 2006 shows the display team presented a series of battles on the theme of Prince Eugene in the Balkans. At Glasgow Wappinshaw the presentation was Zenta 1697.

This was followed at the first Falkirk show Cannonade with the Battle of Belgrade 1717.

Finally at Edinburgh Claymore in August with Peterwardein 1716.

The rules for these games were adapted from Warhammer ECW and the amendments and army lists were published in Wargames Illustrated (August 1996) and can be downloaded here.


In 2007 the season started again at Glasgow Wappinshaw on 14 April. The display game was Doboj 1415 the Balkan alternative to Agincourt.

This was followed by a change of period for the rest of the season starting at Falkirk Carronade show with Maipo 1818. A battle in Chile with the Patriot army of General Jose de St Martin attempting to stop the Royalist army at the gates of Santiago. One of the hardest fought battles of the South American Wars of Independence. Followed by Chacabuco at the Phalanx show at St Helens in June and Claymore in August.

Finally a return to Vlad the Impaler for the Skelp show in Forfar with the Night of Terror.


For 2008 the theme was Napoleon in Egypt. This was a feature article in the August edition of Wargames Illustrated.

First stop was Wappinshaw on 12 April with the Battle of the Pyramids. Then Falkirk Carronade on 10 May with the battle of Mount Tabor.

Then south of the border at St Helens Phalanx on 21 June with the Battle of Heliopolis.

Last stop was at Dumfries Albanich on 5 July with the Pharaoh's Gold.


Final display for 2008 was Kirriemuir Targe on 1 November with Mughal India



In 2009 the main game is Sharp Practice. Starting at Wappinshaw in April and then Cannonade in May.


Then on to Phalanx in June with Calcutta 1757 based on Clive's campaigns in India.


At Claymore in August the WW2 team took over with an early Western Desert battle at Mechli.



For 2010 we started at Albanich in Dumfries at its new venue. Our game was 1711 Peter on the Pruth.

Moving on to Carronade at Falkirk with Tannenberg 1410. Next stop Wappinshaw in Glasgow on 19 June. Our demo game was Stramash on the Struma, WW1 in Greece. Finally, Claymore on 7 August at Telford College in Edinburgh. GDWS was there with the Battle of Alexandria 1801.


In 2011 we started at Carronade with Somerled's Last Stand. Then a participation game at Wappinshaw with a WW2 bombing run. At Claymore we had a Sharp Practice Napoleonic skirmish game. Finishing off at Targe and Skelp with WW2 and modern games using Command Decision.


In 2012 we started at Albanich with a Very British Civil War game "We are not Amused". Then the WW2 group put together an alternative Barbarossa campaign with some unusual armour at Carronade. Then onto Claymore with Las Navas de Tolosa 1212. Finally Targe with Ticonderoga 1777.


In 2013 we have three display games planned so far. At Carronade in May the Battle of Muret 1213. Then on to Wappinshaw in June with the Battle of Glasgow Green 1938. And finally Claymore in August with Raid on Tito. The pages on these displays will be updated as we develop the games together with figures and terrain.



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