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Principles of War - Italian Campaign

The Umpire: Ian Milne

The players:

Bill Ramsey            Napoleon

David Bain            French - Prince Eugene

Bob Lowe                Austrian - Prince Schwartzenburg

Dave Soutar            Russian - Barclay de Tolly

Ian Short                British - 'Daddy' Hill

Dave Watson            Ali Pasha of Jannina (notionally Ottoman)

The campaign takes place in Northern Italy in 1813. It involves a French invasion of the Austrian held territory. The Austrians are supported by the Russians arriving from the east and the British landing on the coast. Ali Pasha of Jannina has brought his army across from Albania and will arrive from the south in support of the French - probably!

The campaign is umpired using board game rules with battles fought on the tabletop using PoW.

Watch this space for campaign bulletins.............


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