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This period covers the post WW2 conflicts around the world.

Not a popular period at GDWS although the publication of Modern Spearhead rules has resulted in the Arab-Israeli and Balkan conflicts being wargamed in 6mm.  The Bosnian war in 15mm using a modern adaptation of Rapid fire has also appeared.

Modern Spearhead (MSH)

Modern Spearhead (MSH) is based on American author Arty Conliffe’s SPEARHEAD rules for WW2. MSH simulates Division level tactics of modern war. The emphasis is on tactical doctrine rather than individual weapon systems.  

In simulating planning and command MSH reflects doctrinal differences between various modern armies and in particular between western and soviet doctrine. The key difference between them is their fighting system and training - not the individual weapon systems. MSH is about directing the operations of battalions not individual tanks. Any scale of model can be used and an individual model or group of figures represents a platoon. 

A number of club members moved to playing MSH after using SPEARHEAD WW2 rules. The rules allow a reasonably quick moving game with simple systems rather than the endless table checking which are a feature of some other modern rule systems. MSH allows the player to recreate modern warfare without bothering with the minute differences in performance between weapon systems.  

1/200 and 1/300 scale models (mostly Skytrex, Scotia, Heroics and GHQ) are used at the club. Recent scenarios have included Bosnia 1995, Kosovo 1999 and Yom Kippur 1973.  


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