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GDWS Open Day 17 January 2010 Scenario

1713 Ė Moldavian Alliance


In 1709 Peter the Great destroyed Charles XIIís Swedish army at the Battle of Poltava. Charles and the remnants of his army fled from the Ukraine into Ottoman territory and were allowed to settle at Bender in Bessarabia. Peter demanded that the Ottomanís hand Charles over and when they refused he declared war.

In May 1711 the Russian army supported by Cossacks advanced from the Ukraine into Moldavia. The Moldavians led by Demetrius Cantemir, rose against their Ottoman overlords and joined the Russians. The Ottomans commanded by Grand Vizier Baltadji mobilised a massive army supported by the Crimean Tartars, Walachia and the remnants of the Swedish army and their allies. Peter became trapped between the Crimean Tartar army and the Ottomans on the Pruth River. He was only saved from complete destruction by a favourable treaty in July 1711 and he withdrew back to Russia.


Historically the war dragged on until the Treaty of Adrianople in October 1713. However, in this scenario we envisage Peter trying again to occupy Moldavia with a new invasion. This time he obtains support from the Austrianís. The War of the Spanish Succession was grinding to halt and the Austrianís had crushed the Rakoczy (Hungarian) Rebellion by 1711. The Austrianís were concerned about Swedish troops on their northern border and the Ottomanís in the Balkans. Historically they went to war against the Ottomanís in 1716.

In this scenario a Russian army led by Peter the Great crosses the Pruth River and besieges the Moldavian capital Jassy. An Austrian army is coming through Transylvania to support him. In opposition the Ottomans have mobilised a large field army and have been joined by their allies the Crimean Tartars as well as more reluctant support from their vassals in Wallachia and Moldavia.


The battle opens with the Russian army partly in siege works in front of a key fort defending Jassy. The main Ottoman army deploys on the table. The Tartars will arrive from the East and the Austrians from the West. The Austrians will have to cross a river that is bridged and fordable in several places with crossings defended by Russian units.

The game played with 28mm figures and the rules are 18th Century Principles of War.


  Russian troops of the period. More pictures here...


Initial set up. Russians besieging the castle when the Ottomans arrive.


Siege lines


Russian left wing hanging on.

Austrians arrive to bolster the Russian line.

Austro/Russian right holds after a fierce cavalry clash.


The scenario made a really good game. Thanks to the players.

Ottoman - Bob, David B and Derek

Austro Russian - Bill, David M and Dave S

Game run by Dave Watson who provided the figures and scenery.

Those who have read the wargaming tome 'Achtung Swinehund' may recall the author's hypothesis that most wargamers are called Dave. This game appears to prove him right!


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