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GDWS Double Header 2014

The big game was Dynasties on the Danube. Early 18th Century in 28mm using Black Powder. A new Holy Alliance of Austria, Russia and Poland invades the Balkans. Can they drive the Ottomans out of Serbia? The answer was, not quite.

Russians trying to force a bridge held by Wallachia Brigade

The Poles were a bit late arriving. But they did head off the Tartars

The Battletech game

The Fog competition

Although this looks more like a geometry lesson

Then there was a Longstreet campaign

and last, but not least, Sicily 1943 with Command Decision in 20mm


GDWS display: Modern warfare in Germany at Skelp 2011





Double Header and Open Day 17 January 2010

The big game was '1713 Moldavian Alliance'. Russians and Austrians against the Ottoman Empire and their Tartar allies.

28mm figures using Principles of War rules.

There was also a FoG competition,


and a big English Civil War battle and much more.


Open Day - Sunday 18 January 2009

GDWS is opening the doors to those who would like to find out a bit more about wargaming during the January double header weekend. The feature game is Corunna 1809 - the 200th anniversary of the battle.

Double Header 5/6 January 2008

The big PoW game is the Dreikaiser-Bund Strikes!

Double header 6/7 January 2007

DBM tournament limited to impetuous armies. Charging knights abound!

Napoleonic Principles of War big battle - The Bridge at Borisov is an 1812 alternative history scenario adapted from Jonathan North's book The Napoleon Options Alternate Decisions of the Napoleonic Wars.

Plus Command Decision 20mm in NW Europe, Spearhead, Star Trek and Montrose v Covenanters in 28mm.

AGM September 2006

No change in officers or Committee. Secretary's report on the society reports page


The society's annual double header on 7/8 January 2006 included a variety of games. The usual DBM min-tournament plus a recreation, on a grand scale, of the battles of Ligny and Quatre Bras, the preludes to Waterloo in June 1815.

In addition there was The Battle of the Bulge 1944 in 20mm using Command Decision and a number of WAB games plus darkest Africa.

Andy's Huns                                                        & darkest Africa from Graham Robertson

Schiltron 2006

Schiltron is a private funded 15mm DBM V3.1 tournament. We hope to have a special guest this year as our UMPIRE. The largest amount of prizes for any single player DBM tournament within the UK.
Costs: 20 pounds sterling. Pay Pal to george.dick@ntlworld.com or send a cheque payable to George Dick at 11 Whitehurst, Bearsden, and Glasgow G61 4PE once you have paid your name will appear on the players list.
Entries are required by no later than Friday 24th March 2006

DBM News

Congratulations to John Muir for coming 2nd in the Scottish Open. There was a DBM competition at the society's double header on 7/8 January.

AGM - 18 September 2005

The AGM was held on Sunday 18 September 2005.

There is no change in the officers and committee for the coming year. The Secretary reported that the club was in good health with a growing membership and a range of activities. A 'no smoking' rule change was agreed in light of the forthcoming legislation. The society would be represented at Scottish shows in 2006 and a WAB competition would be added to the popular DBM and DBR events.

Vaslui 1475 - Claymore demonstration game

Handouts, army lists and all the pictures from the Claymore 2005 demonstration game Vaslui 1475 - Moldavians v Ottomans.

Ian Austin wins DBR championship

In a closely fought final Ian Austin narrowly defeated Neil Grant for 2005 DBR championship.

Inspector Rebus goes for GDWS

Watch out for the next series of the TV detective series Inspector Rebus. GDWS provided a number of Waterloo wargame figures that will appear in one episode. Shades of Callan - for those mature enough to remember the Wargaming spook.

Committee Meeting 29 May - Key points

Paid members increased by five from 2004.

Website 30,000 hits since January.

Wappinshaw demo game well received. Invited to Claymore and Targe. Agreed not to support either of the competing Angus shows, encourage clubs to cooperate. Support Claymore with 25mm demo.

Competitions progressing well. Agreed to start WAB tournament.

Decided not to organise event around Corunna bi-centenary but would support others and encourage City Council to mark the event as Sir John Moore was a Glaswegian.

For more details contact the Secretary


The GDWS demo game at the Glasgow wargames show, Wappinshaw 2005, was Normans against Byzantines at Dyrrachion 1081. Two 3000 point WAB armies totalling over 400 28mm figures. For further details and photies of the event follow the links.

You can see GDWS demo games later this year at the Claymore show.

Double Header Success

The weekend of  22/23 January 2005 was the society's annual double header event. An opportunity to run mini competitions or that big game.

This year there was a DBM tournament with twelve members playing four games over the weekend. Ian Austin was the eventual winner.

Napoleonic PoW players staged Vittoria 1813 with over 1000 15mm figures recreating Wellington's defeat of the French in Spain. The French did slightly better than their historical counterparts!

And for the twentieth century the WW2 players slugged it out on the Eastern front using Command Decision rules.

Not to mention Fantasy with a huge Flintloque game.


Committee meeting: 20 November 2004 - Key Points


  • Membership for 04/05 has remained stable.


  • The January double header will be on 15/16 January 2004 subject to confirmation from the Scouts that the hall is available. This is an additional weekend for January (not an add on to the normal Sunday) to make up for the loss of a weekend in December due to xmas/new year. So far a DBM competition and Napoleonic PoW refight of Vittoria are planned.


  • The club demo game for the Glasgow show will be the Roman Civil War in 28mm.


  • DBR and DBM competitions are under way. Any other members wanting to run a competition let the Secretary know.


  • We intend to sort out terrain so please try to keep it tidy. If there any items you think we need let the Secretary know.


 PRESS RELEASE                31 October 2004

At the recent AGM, Dave Watson was elected Secretary of Glasgow and District Wargaming Society.

GDWS is now entering its 35th Year, and continues to meet in the Scout Hall, Shawmoss Road, Crossmyloof, Glasgow on alternate Sundays. New members are always welcome where they will find a warm welcome, and good facilities. All periods are catered for, and the Society runs regular competitions.

Further information can be obtained from Dave Watson, 30 Clincarthill Road, Rutherglen, Glasgow G73 2LQ Tel: 0141 643 0686 or e-mail balkandave@aol.com.



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