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18th Century
19th Century
Dystopian Wars


GDWS members game in most periods. In this section we outline the most popular periods and rules played at GDWS.


This period covers warfare from biblical times through the medieval period to the end of the 15th century. From chariots through to the fully armoured knight.



The renaissance period covers early modern warfare from the end of the 15th Century until the end of the 17th Century.

Eighteenth Century

From the Great Northern war and Marlborough's campaigns at the start of the century through to the Seven Year's War and American War of Independence.


The wars of the French Emperor and related conflicts until 1815.

19th Century

The continental wars including the Crimea and Franco-Prussian plus the American Civil War and colonial conflicts in Africa, India and the Sudan.

World War 1

Whilst the trench warfare of the Western Front has limited wargame appeal the more open campaigns in the East and the Middle East offer gaming opportunities. Plus the prelude to war in the Balkans.

World War 2

From the bocage in Normandy to the steppes of Russia, WW2 remains a popular period for games at GDWS.


Post WW2 conflicts around the world from Korea to the Gulf.


This covers the sword and sorcery worlds of Lord of the Rings and Warhammer to science fiction games in the stars.



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