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Glasgow & District Wargaming Society


This website describes the activities of GDWS.


Table of Contents

Homepage    Introduction to the society

News                        Latest news and info

        2005 Society weekend: DBM tournament and Vittoria 1813

        2006 Society weekend: DBM tournament and Ligny 1815

Contacts                    Get in touch with us

Competitions                Latest on society competitions

Display Games            Society displays at wargame shows

Society reports            Annual report

Meeting dates            When the society meets


Gaming periods

Ancients                From earliest times to the 15th century

Renaissance          Gunpowder, pike and shot

18th Century          From Marlborough to Frederick the Great

Napoleonic            The wars of the French Emperor

19th Century          Colonial and continental conflict

WW1                    The Great War


Modern                Post WW2 conflicts

Fantasy                Lord of the Rings, Warhammer, science fiction and much more.



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