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A Very British Civil War Scenario


The year is 1938. In late 1937 the Scottish Republic had split from Moseley’s London government and closed the border. However, militia groups had established themselves across Scotland. There were royalist, fascist and workers groups all armed and prepared to fight their corner while the Scottish Government sought to keep order.

Duchess of Argyll

The Duke of Argyll had been one of Moseley’s strongest supporters in Scotland. In the summer of 1937 he had rashly led a small group of his men and BUF supporters to occupy the Post Office in George Square, Glasgow. Workers groups from across Glasgow responded and the Duke was killed in the subsequent clash. The Duchess decided to establish her own militia to defend her extensive estates and keep the flag flying for her husband’s cause. As there was a shortage of men, her unit consisted of women from the estate and her friends and relatives.

In March 1938 the Duchess organised a shipment of arms and ammunition to be brought in by sea with a platoon of BUF troops. They were brought just north of Glasgow with the aim of linking up with north-east BUF units.


Clydeside Brigade

Sadly for the Duchess one of her estate workers, a communist sympathiser, sent word of the plan to the Party HQ in Glasgow. Workers militias in Glasgow were always short of weapons and it was decided to send the strongest unit, the Clydeside Brigade, to capture the weapons. Two companies, Maxton and MacLean with support weapons advanced to intercept the shipment. Finding the village was easier than expected because half the consignment of ammunition exploded in an accident reducing part of the village to ruins.

Scottish Government

The Scottish Government heard of the shipment from the north-eastern BUF. The last thing they wanted was well equipped militia groups outwith government control. They send a battalion of regular and territorial troops to support the Duchess, who recognising her predicament, agreed to hand them over in return for their support against the Clydesiders. Even republicans are better than socialists!

The Battle

The Duchess is in the village with her small force as the Clydeside Brigade arrives. Scottish Government forces are due shortly. Will they arrive in time!

Figures and rules

The figures come from a wide range of sources including Reiver, Musketeer, Hinterland, Empress, Woodbine and others. The rules are Warhammer Great War. The rather nice flags are by Flags of War (http://flagsofwar.com). Trucks by Solway Miniatures, of course!


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